Auto repair services

Transmission repair

Is the “check engine” light on you dashboard turned on? Do you hear unusual noises coming from underneath your car? You may have a problem with you transmission. The sooner you get it checked, the better. Our team of mechanics will help diagnose and fix your transmission problem. Here’s a brief overview of the services you’ll get:

  • Test drive the vehicle

  • Check for transmission leaks

  • Transmission oil pressure switch replacement

  • Transmission fluid drain and fill

  • Pan gasket and filter replacement

  • Transmission speed sensor replacement

Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspections are important to regulate proper vehicle maintenance. Getting your car checked up can be done annually or bi-annually. We follow our standard checklist of items to determine if a vehicle is fit for the road or if it needs maintenance. With our basic inspection, you’ll get a good overview of faults found on the vehicle.

  • Basic inspection

  • Mechanical check of major areas

  • Structural check of major areas

  • Full undercarriage check

  • Fault report from the engineer sent to you via email

Brake repair

Car brakes that fully function are crucial to everyone’s safety on the road. If the brake light on your dashboard is on, you should get your brakes repaired. But watch out for other warning signs; if your car bounces when you stop, if the pedal feels spongy, if you see leaking fluid, if your steering wheel shakes or vibrates, or if you hear squeaking noises when pushing the brake pedal, you might want to get a brake inspection!

  • ABS speed sensor replacement

  • Brake caliper replacement

  • Brake drum replacement

  • Brake disc repair

  • Brake hose replacement

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Brake system flush

Expert Tips

Getting regular maintenance on your vehicle is necessary to keep your car safe, avoid serious car problems in the future and reduce the money spent on auto repairs.

Tires & Wheels

Having the right tire pressure is more important than you think. You want to make sure your vehicle has good handling, treadwear, safety and of course, fuel economy. We make sure your tires have the right balance, are well inflated with the right amount of air pressure and that you have the right tires for your car.

  • Wheel alignment

  • Tire mounting

  • Wheel balancing

  • Tire rotation

  • Tire inspection

  • Flat repair

Auto air conditioning repair

Air conditioning needs regular checking. We recommend you get an AC service repair at the first signs of AC issues. We will ensure the damage doesn’t spread and that you vehicle’s air conditioning is working efficiently to keep a pleasant temperature in the passenger compartment without unpleasant odors.

  • Air conditioning recharge

  • Air conditioning cleaning

  • System drainage

  • Refrigerant & compressor oil top up

  • Refrigerant leak test

  • Pressure and functional test

  • Cabin filter replacement

Car engine repair

Taking care of your engine will give you better chances of having a car that lasts. Our team of experts will perform an engine diagnosis of faults and help with the correct adjustments required.

  • Standard car tune-up

  • Oil change and filter replacement

  • Toothed belt replacement

  • Carburetor repair

  • Car battery replacement

  • Air pump replacement

  • Fuel system cleaning

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